Electrolite (morrigirl) wrote in paininthevagina,

Vulvar Biopsy

I'm thinking of asking my gynocologist to give me a vulvar biopsy and was wondering if anyone in this community had ever had one?

For the last six weeks I've had a host of painful problems between my legs, all of which sprung up suddenly and without provocation. I've had vaginal and clitoral soreness, irritation, and the feeling of dryness even when the skin isn't the least bit dried out. When my irritation is at it's very worst, which is typically when I'm doing anything physical like walking or moving around, the entire vestibular area will flush bright white. I've been to four different gynocologists all of whom said my entire vulvar area looked totally normal and healthy, and had no real insight in to what might be causing my pain. I've been tested for UTI's, yeast infections, bacterial infections, Herpes, Chlamydia, Trich, Gonorrhea. I don't have any of it.

One gyno suggested it might be Lichen Sclerosus, so I'm thinking a vulvar biopsy is the next step in finding a diagnosis. However, I am a bot nervous about it because...well...the thought of anyone cutting flesh out of my private parts makes me squirmy. Can anyone tell me their experience with vulvar biopsy? Did it hurt? How long did it take to heal? How does the scar look? Do you feel better having had one? Did it seriously make a difference for you?

Thanks for all your help!

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