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birth control and poor painful vagina

ok it is time again to go through birth control options, and this with my condition...
barrior method
this could be the shield the condom, the diafram or the cap...
all of these include a spermasidal jelly which would earatate my vagina. even plain loobercated condoms make my vagina cry. With nonoxinal9 I'm really going to cry. I can't use anything stronger than water on my vagina with out a flare up or infection. Don't ask how ugly it was when I tried the noova ring.

implantable devices
IUD I do want children one day and the IUD is not reccomended for women who have never had children, and can offer up a puntured uteris, or pelvic inflamatory disease which will in affect make me starol.

Projestorown only

First we have the shot which can weaken bones after long term use I also hear women having trouble conceving after use of the shot. It also has it's side affects like inafectiveness for women over weight. See my picture. Well the minny pill the same deal, and from what I hear even more pain for poor miss vagina which in turn will make me have no sex drive on my wedding night... oh... dear

combined methods... aka the pill the patch, and the the the ring.

I've used the pill which I believe was the main cause of my vulvar vestibulitis, well atleast my vagina used to be happy before I started on synthetic hormoans. The ring after a few weeks caused the most painful version of bacterial vaginosis I've ever had or ever want to have. Let's let alone the fact that it causes lovely blood clotts, strokes, heart attacks... Should I continue?

natural methods
I've had two pregnancy scares based on te poll out method. Then you have the other thing let's go for color of discharge, oops blindness, and body bazel thermomiter... Anyone found a talking or braille one of these yet?

Why do I feel I'm up shit creek with out a pattle? What can I use that will keep my vagina and sex life happy, and not kill me in the process? I'm getting married in a few months, and would like to enjoy as normal as possible sex life with my future husband. It will already be difficult with vestibulitis, but that is treetable, but these things all seem to undo the good things treetment can do... Any suggestions would be greatfully taken.


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Oct. 27th, 2008 07:15 pm (UTC)
I am not an expert, so you can take my suggestions at face value. Please please please talk to an OBGYN, as he or she will be able to examine your allergies and be able to give you a better answer than I can. Here are some suggestions you may want to research and bring up to your doctor...

I am confused... When you say you cannot use anything stronger than water on your vagina, do you mean a water based lubricant? If so, they have what is called the "female condom" which fits in your vagina and is lubricated with a water based lubricant, but no spermicides. They also make several non-lubricated condoms: Trustex, DurexDry, Lifestyles and Trojan. All of these can be ordered online, but I wouldn't reccomend using them without some sort of lubrication aide because it may irritate you. They do make lubes for people with sensitivities that you could put on the non-lubricated condoms, like Comfort, which is water based and hypoallergenic. The kind I get is Astroglide Glycerin & Paraben Free, because I am ultra sensitive too. There is also Sylk which contains no spermicides.

Anyway, I would also be sure you don't have a latex allergy. That was part of my problem as well..

I would not have an IUD put in. I used to work at a gynecology office as an assistant, and I know what an unpleasant experience it can be to have one put inside women who have had children. With you never having children I don't know if you will find a gynecologist willing to even try..

I am not sure that I agree that birth control pills themselves cause vulvar vestibulitis, but then, every body is different. I've had it since I can remember and have only recently been able to have sex through various therapies, but I am still on the same birth control pills I was a year ago. However, if you are still concerned or think that they may be a cause, you might want to try a low-hormone dose of birth control like Yaz or Yasmin. There is also the birth control that they implant in your arm called Implanon that lasts 3 years, contains only progestin, (no estrogen) and allows you to become pregnant quickly after it is taken out, (unlike the shot where you have to wait sometimes for it to wear off.)

I am not sure if being overweight affects birth control effectiveness... I've read conflicting reports. You do not look obese to me, but the picture is quite small. I would reccomend talking to an OBGYN about your options and she can determine the birth control with the least amount of risk based on your height and weight and allergies..

The pull out method is not reliable enough, because as much as your fiance loves you, it can be hard for him to pull out when he is in the moment. I am not sure what a basel thermometer is, but I am sure that if you go to planned parenthood or your local gynecologist they could probably find one to accommodate you. If there was one produced in braille, they'd be the ones who could order it.

Oct. 27th, 2008 07:56 pm (UTC)
What I mean about the licquids or things touching me. the vulvadynia seems to bother different parts of my vagina, and I've tried different types of loob, and condoms, but they all leave me crying in pain by the end of intercorse. I also mean it's hard to even use gental soaps on the vaginal area. I have contacted Drs concerning products to help me out, and they direct me to agencies or catalogs for the blind which offer cooking thermomiters, and the ones to put in the mouth, but i understand that the natural planning thurmomiter is different, and needs to be put directly in the vagina. I am guessing you are right about the IUD. I was reading about the implantin earlier and it seems that there are many risks that go along with it which made my fiance give a rezounding no.

There have been some medical journal articles that say that several cases of vulvar vestibulitis could have started because of synthetic hormoan, and the pill I was on before was trycycline low. thanks for your suggestions. *smile
Oct. 27th, 2008 10:10 pm (UTC)
I have an IUD and so do many of my friends, none of us have had children and a few want to have them.

Great thing about an IUD, you take it out, bam you are fertile again.

However... it can be way painful the first few months. If you are already dealing with IC, so I don't know if you want the cramping that comes during the adjustment period.

Most women have no issues with the IUDs, however, you can have some trouble during the first 6-8 weeks and having it put is no cake walk. PID (pelvic inflammatory disease) is caused by sexually transmitted diseases, so if you are going to be married, and you trust him, then you should be covered on that one. And the pierced uterus, is super duper rare since they have made smaller and safer IUDs, they don't float around in your uterus, they actually just sit in your cervix...

None of the birth control methods are perfect, but you might end up going on a very low hormone pill, your bones should be okay, you aren't going on it long term because you are going to have kids someday. And you can take extra calcium.

I love my IUD, I am lucky I had mine in before I got IC. (over a year before, so no connection between the two).
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