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Hi, I just joined this community. My question/concern stems mostly from me being unbearably paranoid over everything, constantly.  So, forgive me if this is blatantly stupid of me to be worried about--

The only guy I've ever had sex with without using a condom is with my loving, faithful, long-term committed boyfriend. He is clean.

The only other person that I dated who I'd had regular sex with, we always, ALWAYS used a condom.

I went to my OBGYN to be put on Birth Control, get a Pap Smear, and hey, why not, be screened for infections/STD's.

Got put on the pills, had the Pap Smear, was told by my doctor DURING the exam that everything down there looked perfectly normal and healthy, aaand that was that.

Got that lovely little postcard in the mail from the doctors office happily announcing news of normal results with the pap, and never heard anything reguarding any detection of infections or STD's from the testing they did, and CERTAINLY, since I was given no diagnosis, and never informed of any concerns, was not given any sort of treatment for anything.

This was in December 2007. Since then, I've switched Birth Control pills, called to re-new perscriptions, the usual contact with my OBGYN aside from examinations, etc. Obviously, my charts had to have been accessed from then to now, particularly with me switching birth control perscriptions and all, since I would hope that everything like that would be consistently recorded.

So, when the bill from my medical insurance company arrived, it was for 200someodd dollars, CLEARLY not what I was supposed to pay for my regular routine trip to the gyno. So, After about 2 months of phone-tag between the insurance company and my doctor's office, being told that I didn't owe anything, yadda yadda, I got ANOTHER notice, with the same charges. So I called the insurance company once again, and they informed me that the money I was billed for was for STD testing (thought that stuff was free, guess not), and that there was a diagnosis recorded: Trichomoniasis.

Eeeeeeexcuse me? Trichomoniasis. An STD? Really?

So, after losing my mind to the lady on the phone, she told me to call my doctor, and get anything questionable resolved so I could stop being billed for something if I indeed should not be.

So here I am thinking I have some STD, that I was never told I had after being screened, and never got treated for. Called my doctor's office, and the woman pulls out  my charts and informs me that my tests are all negative, meanwhile I'm having an all-out heart attack, NOW, not knowing WHAT to believe.

Lady from my doctor's office says my charts all say negative results.
Insurance lady says the trichomoniasis diagnosis is what the billing agency reported.
Mistakes like these happen, as I'm being told...it's slip-ups like this that make it possible for patients to go into surgery and wake up with a limb amputated because their identity was mistaken, you know? So yeah, I guess it happens...but now I'm left ABSOLUTELY paranoid that the WHOLE ordeal is a mistake, what if I really DO have Trichomoniasis, what if a BUNCH of things got messed up. It just throws me off that I never got results back from those tests in the first place...Aren't you supposed to hear back, whether you're results are all clear or not?? I was getting so worked up and panicked about the whole situation, I was even looking up lawyers so that I could take legal action in case I really WAS diagnosed unknowingly and left un-treated.


I'm just one big headcase...

But in actuality, does anybody think that it's very likely that I'd really have Trichomoniasis?? Or does it make SENSE that it was all a mistake. (That's why I included info about my sexual history)

Somebody ease my mind  :-(


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May. 12th, 2008 03:36 am (UTC)
Hey, sorry you had that hassle. I've had all kinds of slip-ups with doctors. My last gyno co-pay was $200! I thought it was a mistake and that they had billed me for the whole check-up and labs and stuff, but no, that really was the co-pay. The real bill was like $1200! And I don't have anything complicated. Anyway. I got diagnosed with trich a few times in college when I had a run of yeast infections too, and this is before I was sexually active (before I'd even kissed anyone!). Trich is not always an STD. But it sounds like you don't have it and it was just an error with the diagnostic codes. Do you have any symptoms?? If you're really worried, double check with your doctor, but I think the doc's records, plus your lack of symptoms, mean you're fine. Deep breathing!!
Jun. 3rd, 2008 09:40 pm (UTC)
Having been through much testing myself for a variety of issues (doctors were trying to figure out why I had pain - turned out to be vulvodynia), I can tell you that you would most likely have symptoms if you had Trich. Do you have any symptoms? And yes, mistakes often happen with insurance! I can't think of an insurance billing of mine that went smoothly!
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